GNVQ ICT year 11

Year 11 quiz on hardware/software/internet
What does the 'R' stand for in RAM?. What does the 'R' stand for in ROM?. What P is the commonly used output device that produces a 'hard copy' of computer based files?. What Q is the most popular type of keyboard found in English speaking countries?. What T is the type of ink found in a laser printer?. What L is a self contained computer that is eay to carry around?. What H is the language which is used to create web pages?. What B is a format option which can be used to make text stand out more?. What S is the type of application that would be used to display and process numeric data?. What H is the term used to describe a piece of text, button or picture that links to another page?. What D is the web-design application that you have used to create a website?. What H is the word used when an individual visits a website?. What B are found on websites to adviertise products or other websites?. What M is the most popular output device?. What M is the device needed to allow computers to connect to the internet?. What F is a small transportable storage device that is slowly becoming obsolete?. What does the 'D' stand for in DVD?. What V, normally passed on via the internet, can infect computers and delete/corrupt files?. What J is an input device nomrally used for games?. What R can be described as 'volatile memory'?.
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