Criminological Psychology for AQA Spec B

AQA Spec B - Criminological Psychology
What L is an approach to crime which focuses on breaking laws?. What D is an approach to crime which focuses on going against social norms?. What P help to compile official statistics on crime?. What F and D found inconsistencies in police recording of crimes?. What D is the volume of crime that doesn't appear in official statistics?. What S are studies which require individuals to indicate crimes committed?. What V are studies focusing on individuals on the receiving end of crime?. What O is a technique used by forensic psychologists for tracking down criminals?. What C is an approach to offender profiling used by the FBI?. What I is an approach to offender profiling used by David Canter?. What D is case study highlighting the work of David Canter?. What D applies to biological theories of crime?. What L identified various criminal 'types' based on physical characteristics?. What S argued that that an individuals body shape was correlated with their personality?. What M did Bowlby argue had a detrimental effect on psychological health?. What S was proposed by Bandura as a way children might learn aggression?. What C was proposed by Eysenck to account for criminality?. What C is a type of punishment involving confinement?. What R is another name for re-offending?. What B is a type of therapy based on the principles of classical and operant conditioning?.
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