Super Scientists

Science - related questions to re-cap scientific knowledge in a range of key stage units. To be used as part of key stage 2 SAT's revision.
What A is a mixture of gases? . What B is a type of micro-organism? . What C is another word for burning? . What D is a canine?. What E is one of the life processes? . What F is a type of micro-organism? . What O is a vital gas found in the air? . What P is the process where plants make their own sugar?. What R is one of the life processes? . What Y helps bread to rise? . What H is a time when animals ‘sleep’ through cold weather?. What S is a is a mixture of materials, one of which is usually a liquid?. What T is a property that allows light to pass through?. What R is a life process by which new individual organisms are produced?. What I is a property of plastic that makes it good for covering wires?. What L allows animals to see?. What G is a force that pulls all objects towards the Earth's surface?. What N is a life process that is needed for a healthy lifestyle?. What W is an essential liquid needed for survival?. What F is the process when a liquid becomes a solid?.
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