Food Chains

Year 6 SATs Revision for food chains - key words.
What G must come at the beginning of a food chain?. What C is any meat-eating animal?. What P is an animal that hunts other animals for food?. What O is a kind of animal that eats either other animals or plants?. What C is the green chemical in leaves?. What P is an animal that is killed by another animal for food?. What H is where things live?. What C are you if you eat things?. What P makes its own food and provides energy for the next animal in the food chain?. What H only eats producers?. What S do green plants use as an energy source to make food?. What T is the top predator in a food chain?. What A indicates what is eaten in a food chain?. What D would a plant not grow well in?. What C is a way of grouping things together by their similarities? . What O is every living thing, plant or animal?. What S is an animal that feeds on the carcasses of animals that have died?. What C would produce food for a rabbit? . What M might be eaten by an owl?. What S is a tertiary consumer in the sea?.
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