Light and shadow words Y3.
What T is a light source?. What S is our main light source?. What C is a waxy light source?. What F is a hot light source?. What O means something blocks light?. What T means you can not see through?. What T means you can see through?. What S is made when light is blocked?. What B would be a total absence of light?. What G is a common transparent material? . What S uses the sunlight to show the time?. What N is when our part of the Earth faces away from the Sun?. What D is when our part of the Earth faces the Sun?. What D describes what it is like during the night?. What S will make light reflect from it?. What L do shadows get in the early morning or late afternoon?. What S do shadows get in the middle of the day?. What B is what happens to light when a shadow is made?. What L is a kind of energy that lets us see?. What M do we see at night because it reflects sunlight?.
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