Written communication

A consolidation exercise highlighting features of written business documents, including facsimile, invoice, letters and reports.
What I is a document produced by the sales department?. What S is the number of years an invoice copy is usually kept?. What T is the usual name given to the short message service?. What R is produced as the result of an investigation? . What R are actions suggested after completing an investigation?. What M is usually an internal form of communication?. What F is the proper term for a fax?. What C is the sheet sent with a fax?. What S is always included in a memo?. What T contains the details of what a report is about?. What L is where the address of people receiving a letter is put?. What Y is the farewell to use if the person's name is unknown? . What E is the term used when sending of additional documents?. What E is one of the cheapest forms of communication?. What C is an advantage of sending an E-mail allowing it to be sent to more than one person?. What I must you consider carefully when sending E-mails?. What A are acceptable when sending internal E-mails?. What T is required to send a fax? . What L means 'readable' and is what all written documents must be?. What H is where the name of the company sending a letter features?.
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