P.E BlockBuster

Varied P.E quiz involving Composition of Blood, the heart and training and fitness. By Ant and Josh
What B can be used to measure your fitness?. What V can you use to measure your fitness?. What C is the amount of blood pumped by the heart in one minute?. What P do you measure your pulse with?. What P clots up your blood to seal cuts?. What H gives blood its red colouring?. What P is the pale straw coloured liquid in your blood?. What W stops dehydration?. What B flows aorund the body?. What A is the place where a gaseous exchange takes place?. What C are the smallest blood vessels?. What V carries blood and has thin walls?. What A carries blood and has thick walls?. What B should your diet be?. What O means extremely overweight?. What C is the food group bread goes in?. What C means of the heart?. What V means of or containing vessels for conveying blood?. What S seperates the left side of the heart from the right?. What R is the cell which carries blood around the body?.
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