A blockbusters type game that helps revision of Gcse Diet questions.
What M is the rate of using up energy?. What C is a factor of a balanced diet that helps to maintain our body's energy?. What F is part of a balanced diet as it provides energy and makes things work?. What P is a balanced diet that helps to build as muscles and repairs damaged tissues?. What V is eaten to help keep up good vision, healthy bones and teeth?. What M are calcium, iron and other sources to kep up health and blood?. What W is useful for our body as it transport, nutrients, waste and hormones?. What F is useful to keep the digestive system moving?. What A is the type of muscle that work in pairs?. What C is a diet system mostly used by marathon runners?. What O is having weight in excess of normal?. What O is having to much body compostion?. What O is being extremely overweight?. What S is one of the types of carbohydrates?. What S is an unhealthy type of fat?. What P is a helathy type of fat. What M is a type of fat?. What A is a type protein found in meat?. What P are a good source of plant and vegatable protein?. What W is the means of transport for nutrients?.
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