EU Legislation - a quiz

A quiz to help law students with EU legislation
________________ are the most direct form of EU law. Once regulations are passed, they are legally _______ in every Member State . ________ lay down certain end results to be achieved in every Member State . What is the name given to EU laws relating to specific cases?. What can the EU Commission impose on individuals/companies who break EU law? . Regulations must be _______ with fully by those to whom they apply . The European ________sets the EU's general political direction and priorities. The EU Commission ___________ new legislation to the EU Parliament and Council. What E C represents the interests of the European Union as a whole? . Which treaty gives the European Parliament new lawmaking powers?. Because of the Lisbon Treaty the European Parliament has more what?. What does the European Parliament have the last say on with regard to the EU?. Which European institution must give its permission for allowing new countries to join the EU?. Who interprets EU law to make sure it is applied in the same way in all EU countries? . How many judges does the Court of Justice have per EU country ? . Directives are a _____________ source of legislation. The Treaty of Lisbon changed what procedures in the Council?. What is a binding agreement between EU member countries?. The EU use directives in order to achieve ________________ of laws within Member States. Regulations are d________ a__________ and have direct effect.
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