Formation of a Contract

An interactive quiz for law students. The formation of a contract.
What O must be made and unconditionally accepted . This A must reflect agreement to the terms of the offer . What C refers to the need for there to be mutual benefits . What I makes an agreement legally binding . What C is a legally binding agreement. What T should be incorporated into the offer. This E is an offer which stipulates the price of the goods. Type of offer when selecting an item & taking it to the checkout. Name of the lady who claimed 100 from the Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1893) . The general rule is that acceptance must be ____________. What S can not amount to acceptance . ________v Selfridge (1915) relates to exchange & shows the negotiating aspect of a contract . Consideration must be sufficient but does not have to be _____. What L must consideration be. An offer must be made intending that, on acceptance, it will be ___________. In __________ v Balfour (1919) it was judged there was no legal intent . Acceptance of an offer can be made _________________ . What R refers to the withdrawal of an offer. What U is a contract which involves one party setting out the terms. What B is a contract which involves each party in the negotiation of the terms.
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