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materials (Key Stage 1 - Science)
Year 1 end of materials unit, questions for an assessment lesson. Has vocabulary, magnets and waterproof materials.
The Great Fire of London (Key Stage 1 - History)
A quiz on the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepy's Diary.
Long and Short O sounds (Key Stage 1 - English)
Quiz to reinforce the different sounds made by long and short O words.
Long and Short E sounds (Key Stage 1 - English)
Long and short E words suitable for KS1 Phonics.
Romans (Key Stage 1 - History)
Year 3 Roman History revision
Simple Spelling Test (Key Stage 1 - English)
Simple spelling test.
Doubling and halving (Key Stage 1 - Mathematics)
Doubling and halving facts to 20.
verb revision (Key Stage 1 - English)
Verb revision of basic verbs, E2/KS2.
Rocks (Key Stage 1 - Science)
Very low ability quiz on rocks
Electricity (Key Stage 1 - Science)
Quiz for unit 2F 'Using Electricity', year 2.
Fairy tales (Key Stage 1 - English)
A fairy tale quiz
Adjectives (Key Stage 1 - English)
A quiz about adjectives.
2D and 3D shapes (Key Stage 1 - Mathematics)
A quiz on the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
Opposites (Key Stage 1 - English)
A quiz that helps children learn 'opposite' words.
Florence Nightingale Quiz (Key Stage 1 - History)
A Quiz about Florence Nightingale (Key Stage One)
French Numbers 1-20 (Key Stage 1 - Modern Foreign Languages)
Quiz on French numbers to 20 for beginners
Year 1 Materials (Key Stage 1 - Science)
Quiz to help children review the vocabulary covered in a module about materials found in their local environment. Year 1. By Susie Steel
Ourselves (Key Stage 1 - Science)
Ourselves - Body Parts

Showing results 1 to 18

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