Supply Teeacher's Code of Conduct

As supply teacher representing teachers-direct we ask you to maintain a professional manner at all times.

Please ensure that you:
  • Arrive in school at the agreed time and allow enough time to be properly briefed on your timetable for the day.
  • Inform us (and your school if applicable) as soon as possible if you know you are likely to be late for your placement.
  • Find out the relevant school policies and procedures and uphold them at all times.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to uphold our equal opportunities policy at all times.
  • Have work prepared which is appropriate to the age and ability of the class you are teaching or working with (when on long or medium term placements).
  • Maintain a productive working environment at all times by using rewards and sanctions and other classroom management techniques.
  • Leave all classrooms and resources you use in a tidy state.
  • Leave necessary feedback for the teacher whose class you have taught specifying the work completed and any issues that have arisen