Equal Opportunities Statement

Employment of Staff

At teachers-direct we welcome applications from all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, religion or beliefs. As an organization we will actively challenge all forms of prejudice and take action to stop discriminatory practices or behaviour whether from our employees or our clients.

As part of our commitment to Equal Opportunities we regularly monitor and review both our applications and those we recruit to ensure there is adequate representation from of those with ethnic minority backgrounds, those with disabilities or other minority groups to ensure our marketing and corporate image are non-discriminatory. Selection criteria such as job descriptions and person specifications are kept under constant review to ensure that they are justifiable and non-discriminatory. All offers of interview and employment are based solely on the applicant’s ability to meet the criteria necessary for effective performance of the job advertised.

We will ensure that all jobs and services offered through the site are accessible to those with disabilities by ensuring that the site meets latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (see W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative for more details on WCAG 2.0 and web site accessibility)

Corporate Image and Facilities

We will demonstrate our commitment to Equal Opportunities and appreciation of Diversity through our marketing strategies and practices. We will ensure that our web site and materials that we produce and use express positive and representative images and language that reflect the diverse community which we live in.

Our Employees

We encourage our teachers to promote awareness of Equal Opportunities and Diversity issues (e.g. differences arising from disability, culture etc.), whenever possible through their learning strategies and choice of lesson content.

Where necessary, we will take all action permissible within UK law against any of our clients or employees found to be in contravention of Equal Opportunities Legislation.

The Future

We will continue to monitor all aspects of our organization with the aim of improving equality of opportunity and appreciation of Diversity issues.

The Law

The British Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 requires that all successful candidates are asked to provide evidence of their immigration status and eligibility to seek work in the UK. Therefore if you are not normally resident in the UK, you will need to bring your passport, birth certificate or other appropriate immigration documents if you are invited to an interview. http://www.eoc.org.uk/EOCeng/dynpages/Relevant_Legislation.asp

Last revised: 2nd December 2006