Criminal Record Checks (CRB)

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding CRB checks. For more detailed information, please visit The Applicant's Guide to the CRB's Disclosure Service.

What is a CRB check?

A CRB check is the more common name for the background check that is performed by the Criminal Records Bureau. It is essential that all people working with children or vulnerable adults are able to produce a current clear 'enhanced disclosure' before taking up your post. At teachers-direct we require that you have undergone a CRB check within the last 12 months.

How long does a CRB check take?

The CRB normally take 2-6 weeks to process and return your application and so we strongly advise you to make sure an application is made as soon as possible, even if you do not intend to start teaching straight away.

Can I apply for my own CRB check?

Current legislation does not allow individuals or the self-employed to apply for a CRB check themselves, however most agencies will be happy to apply on your behalf. You will also receive a copy of any information that is sent to the agency and this will usually be satisfactory evidence for any subsequent agencies you apply to.

Is a CRB check the same as List 99?

List 99 contains the names, dates of birth and teacher reference numbers of people whose employment has been barred or restricted, either on grounds of misconduct or on medical grounds. The purpose of List 99 is to enable employers to safeguard against employing a barred person. No details are given to us regarding the reasons a particular teacher has been barred. Before employing you to work alongside young people, teachers-direct is legally obliged to carry out a List 99 check.

What if I have lived outside the UK?

Overseas teachers and UK teachers who have lived overseas for extended periods (usually longer that 3 months) are subject to the same vetting procedures as UK teachers. In addition we are required to seek information about your criminal history from your country of origin or where you have been traveling. This may include checking agencies similar to the CRB in the relevant countries or receiving a letter of good conduct from the relevant authorities. If you are coming from overseas to work in the UK is it often helpful if you apply for such documents before you leave.