The UK National Curriculum explained

The National Curriculum outlines the statutory entitlement to learning for all pupils in UK state schools by subject and Key Stage. For every subject there is a program of study outlining what should be taught as well as non-statutory guidlines to enable teachers to tailor the program of study to suit their individual cohort. The programm of study is divided into Attainment Targets which give details of what students should be achieving as well as information on the assessment criteria. There are also guidance notes and links to online resources.

The advantages of using a National Curriculum is that it gives teachers, pupils, parents, employers and their wider community a better understanding of the skills and knowledge that pupils have learned. It also ensures greater consistency as pupils and teachers move betweens schools and allows greater opportunity for sharing of skills and ideas between institutions.

Because of the huge scope of the National Curriculum it is impossible to cover all aspects of every subject on this site however, for more information, ideas and resources, please follow the links below:

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