Website Links Policy

Links from this website

Links are provided for information only. All links have been submitted by our users and as such we accept no responsibility for the sites linked to, the accuracy of information found there or the continued availability of the site. A link to a site does not imply our endorsement; likewise, the absence of a link to a particular site does not imply lack of endorsement.

All links from this website are selected and rated by our link moderators according to the following criteria:
  • The resource should be free to use and not require any form of payment.
  • The resource linked to should provide unique educational content.
  • The page linked to should not carry excessive amounts of advertising or launch pop up windows.
  • The page on which the resource is located should be reachable directly from an external 'deep' link.
We reserve the right to remove a link or refuse to link to any website without providing an explanation or justification. Links that are found repeatedly unavailable will be removed without notice.

Links to this website

We welcome organisations and individuals who wish to create links to our home page or individual pages within our website. This can be done without our permission however, we do request that those linking to our website respect the following conditions:
  • Links should not be used in a defamatory context or for financial gain.
  • The teachers-direct logo should not be copied and used to create links without our express permission.
  • If you are creating deep links then please be aware that individual page URLs are subject to change or deletion without notice.
  • Please ensure that the link text used is representative of the content of the page linked to.
We do not 'trade' links or use any form of link exchange - if you feel that the information on your website would be of interest to our users then please submit your site to one of our moderators in the usual way. Your submission will be judged against the criteria above and under no circumstances will we offer to create a reciprocal link.