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The Holocaust (Key Stage 3 - History)
Holocaust - boycotts
Great Leap Forward - Revision (Key Stage 5+ - History)
Great Leap Forward, Mao and the Communist party - revision test.
Treaty of Versailles (Key Stage 3 - History)
Treaty of Versailles and its consequesnces.
The Normans Come to Ireland (Key Stage 2 - History)
A revision quiz on the Norman invasion of Ireland suitable for Fourth Class in Irish Primary Schools.
Hitler's consolidation of power (Key Stage 4 - History)
Pre-World War II - Consolidation of Power: Nazi Germany
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (Key Stage 2 - History)
Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses
Gunpowder Plot (Key Stage 3 - History)
Key facts relating to Gunpowder Plot (Simple)
Social and Economics GCSE (Key Stage 4 - History)
A second quiz for the Social and Economic GSCE, with the Women as the in depth study.
Early Weimar Problems (Key Stage 4 - History)
Key events and people of the Weimar Republic 1919-1923.
AS politics overview Paper 2 (Key Stage 5+ - History)
A revision quiz for AS politics paper 2 - EdExcel.
The Reformation - Intro quiz for year 8 (Key Stage 3 - History)
A quiz on the reformation that covers basic facts.
Suffragettes and Conscientious Objectors (Key Stage 4 - History)
A quick recap on suffragettes and conscientious objectors useful at KS4 for SHP programme
Explorers (Key Stage 3 - History)
Famous Explorers - Year 8
World War 1 - Year 9 History (Key Stage 3 - History)
How WW1 involved more and more people (Presenting the Past page 24)
McCarthyism (Key Stage 4 - History)
GCSE History topic McCarthyism and the red scare. Questions on the fear of communism in America 1940's/50's
Ancient Egyptian Life (Key Stage 2 - History)
A quiz to help you learn about jobs and school life in Ancient Egypt.
First World War (Key Stage 3 - History)
Introduction to the key words used in the topic World War One.
Stalin's Russia (Key Stage 4 - History)
Stalin's Russia and the Great Purges.
Post-War Britain 1945-1951 (Key Stage 5+ - History)
The questions are based on Post-war Britain during 1945-1951 and the Labour Government during that time.
Early Man revision (Key Stage 3 - History)
Topics covered in a first year unit for 'Early Man'.

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