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nutrition (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
the link between exercise,diet and nutrition
Geography/History of Australia (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
This is a nice intro game to Unit 4: Australia(Edexcel) or as part of revision prior to exam. Looks at history, geography, demography and administration of Aussie sport.
Energy Systems Quiz (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
A revision quiz for A level PE Unit 6 - Exercise and Energy systems for Edexcel.
Respiratory System GCSE Revision for A-C grades (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
This quiz is suited for A-C candidates and is designed to challenge more able students.
State PE and Drill (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
A level Unit 1 - The development of State PE.
Stress, Anxiety and Arousal (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
Anxiety, Arousal and Stress Quiz for learners on the BTEC National Diploma/Certificate in Sports Studies award for the Psychology for Sports Performance unit
Personality and Motivation (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
Personality and Motivation Quiz for BTEC National Diploma/certificate in Sports Studies - unit Psychology for Sports Performance.
Smoking and its effects (Key Stage 3 - Physical Education)
A quiz about the effects of smoking!
Methods and Principles of Training (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
Principles and methods of training and adaptations as a result of training.
Gaseous Exchange & Respiration (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
A quiz to help revise GCSE PE
Components of fitness (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
Public Service fitness test and the requirements of Public Services
Muscles (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
Major muscle location and function
Bones and joints (Key Stage 3 - Physical Education)
Recap quiz of health, components of fitness, bones and joints.
fitness and training more (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
fitness tests, princples of training
Fitness and training (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
this is a quiz covering fitness and training concepts such as, components of fitness, fitness tests, training types, principles of training and SMART goal setting.
Warm Up (Key Stage 5+ - Physical Education)
Exercise and fitness questions for A Level PE.
Nutrition & Diet (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
A quiz focussing on the main components of the diet and some problems that arise when there are deficiencies.
Diet (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
A blockbusters type game that helps revision of Gcse Diet questions.
P.E BlockBuster (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
Varied P.E quiz involving Composition of Blood, the heart and training and fitness. By Ant and Josh
Cardiovascular Fitness (Key Stage 4 - Physical Education)
A quiz on the components of the cardio-vascular system.

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