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Conformity (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Conformity - Concepts, Research and researchers for AS Psychology.
Criminological Psychology for AQA Spec B (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
AQA Spec B - Criminological Psychology
Biological Rhythms, Sleep and Dreaming (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Revision exercise for Biological Rhythms, Sleep & Dreaming topic of Unit 4 - PYA4 - AQA (A).
Psychology - Research terms revision (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Experimental terminology (Research Methods) For AQA A psychology.
Theories of Personality (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Quiz on the theory of personality development.
GCSE Psychology Perception 1 (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
GCSE Psychology OCR Perception Topic 1
GCSE Psychology - Perception 2 (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
GCSE Psychology OCR Perception Unit
AS Psychology Cognitive Quiz (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Cognitive Psychology Quiz for OCR AS Psychology students
Psychodynamics (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Psychodynamic Blockbusters particularly relating to the work of Freud.
The psychology of gender (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
A plenary activity for use at the end of the 'explaining gender' (AQA B).
Evolutionary Explanations of behaviour (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Evolutionary explanations of human behaviour unit 4 exam for A2 Psychology (AQA Spec A)
introduction to psychology (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
A plenary for use after an introduction to psychology lesson. Covers some approaches and famous psychologists.
Introduction to STRESS (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Covers the first work on stress, both physiological and psychological
Conformity (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
A test of key words and figures involved in the study of social conformity. It fits with the AQA psychology specification for AS level examination.
OCR A2 Crime, Thinking and Punishment (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
OCR A2 Crime, Thinking Patterns and Punishments
OCR A2 Crime; Victims and Police (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Questions on victims of crime and police and crime form OCR A2 spec.
OCR A2 Crime Testimony and Courtroom (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
OCR Psychology and Crime, topics - courtroom and testimony.
Abnormality (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Abnormality, Topic 1 and 2 AQA(A) Syllabus
Parapsychology (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
Psi, research techniques, case studies and definitions.
Teacher training stage 1 (Key Stage 5+ - Psychology)
A formative assessment of some of the key terminology in the early part of a teacher training course.

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